Sunday, February 28, 2010

You feel it when the Dance gets Hot, hot.

I ain't got no time to grow old. I ain't got no time to take it slow. We'll be burnin soon and they'll say it was our fault. But I don't care what they say. Just go with my instincts and live life that way. They're pressuring us to live, to make the most of it. I look at them in their rocking chairs and infinite wisdom and I am appalled.

My life is here and now. I am living it. I have no choice. It's not about these rules and these social norms. It's simply about coming on up and staying on top. My top is different than yours. So what's wrong with a little destruction? How can we enjoy the mountain air with oxygen tanks strapped to our legs? I choose a different path.

We'll be burnin soon and I'll love every second of it. Let me take your hand. Turn your back to the voices, to the lights, to the world. Let me take your hand and lead you into the riot. When all the world is burning and anarchy is abound, we'll smile. We alone will be happy.

We took a shortcut. We know a secret. We can dance in the flames.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

WIll You?

When you come for me, run. Come quickly, like never before. Come raging and violent, like shouting in the stairwell. Come with purpose, like banging on my door. Come angry and upset, like the worlds been lost. Come passionate and emotional, like nothing is left. Come desperate and helpless, like it's all over. Come needy and seeking, like I'm your last chance.

I'll hear your running feet. I'll hear your shouts. I'll hear the bangs of your fists. I'll know the worlds been lost. I'll know nothing is left. I'll know it's all over. I'll know I'm your last chance.

When you come for me, run. Come quickly, I'll be waiting. Come raging and violent, I'll calm you down. Come with purpose, I'll answer in kind. Come angry and upset, I'll bring peace. Come passionate and emotional, I'll hold you tight. Come desperate and helpless, I'll keep you safe. Come needy and seeking, I'll protect you. I promise.

I'll do all of this and more. Much more. On one hand I'm scared to show you what I'm capable of. On the other I'm scared you won't come to me at all.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Let's Ignore the World.

It's all so very simple. Living life as we know it. We spend our lives in sweet monotony. It's all pretty plain. But that's ok. We're happy with that. Let's watch the snow fall inch by inch. Let water dance with sand. See the wind race through trees. In our minds life will be grand. We're not insane. Watching each little thing. Carelessly growing up in circles of serenity. Spending each second in innocence. So let's go somewhere only we know. Somewhere we can be alone.

Deviation from this life is hopeless. We just fall asleep again, to avoid it all. Or maybe I was just asleep. I knew it was a dream to good to be true. Don't tell me I was just asleep. Let this fantasy be mine to keep. But if it's true, I'll be there when you awake. How else are cheeks kept dry today? But that's just the tip of the iceberg. I'll do whatever it takes. Given the chance.

So when nightmares come alive and I'm struggling to survive. Don't wake me up. I'm sleeping in. Searching for a world in which dreams come true and the earth slows down for two.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Aching Eyes

She said it doesn't matter anyway. Words thrown round and round. Words sent through time and space. It sits there silent. Waiting. Waiting for a flash of motion to bring it to life. Sitting expectantly, anxiously. Too anxious. Aching for a spent line or two. Some kind of sign. Time keeps on ticking. Seconds to minutes to hours. Until eyelids mutiny upon bleached retinas. But you just gotta go with the flow. It doesn't matter anyway, tomorrow is a new day. Just gotta ignore the gap and keep on trucking.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Full Throttle.

Headlights reflected on the snow, the moon being the only other thing aglow. We race through the night chasing speeding taillights. Trees line our path creating a tunnel of speed. Vibrations in our bodies, smiles on our lips, there's no need to stop. So we race and careen down these limited paths, the rest of the world unseen. Faster and Faster and Faster we go, no need to take it slow. Arms wrapped tight. The world feels right.

Two squeezes is the sign, and we slow... slow... slow... no need to overdo it. We've got to make it last. A third and we stop. Silent. Alone. Together. The world encompassing us in silence. Oppressive silence covering our ears after the noise and motion of before. We sit in awe and wonder at the world. Smiling. Happy.

Then with a jerk and a nod we're off again. Fast, no holding back. Holding on tight. Careening out of sight. Living life together. Chasing speeding taillights covered in snow.

And it was perfect.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Full of Wonder

Give me the key and ten minutes alone. Let me make your day. It will be the surprise of the century. Just wait and see! One you can't see in the light. Hit the switch and watch life glow. What a spectacular sight! It'll make you smile and think of me, while hugging your pillow tight.

And the next morning I'll catch you again. Thinking your popular trends, shock and wonder at my ideas. Light up the day with your second-fold smile. As I strive for round two. Dancing in the park, upon sheets and sheets of air. Everyone will look and stare! And secretly be jealous.

Wait those thirty seconds for me to appear. No, don't wait. Let your eyes twinkle, smile, laugh, breath, live, love, regenerate. Let no amount of time go wasted. Every second will be cherished.

So when I do show up at random, don't hesitate. Take my hand and dance with me. It'll be great!

Never let a moment slip. Your life is an occasion. Rise up to it.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

She said I throw myself Away.

hey link.
in the end, everything will be ok.
if you just wait. and not worry.
if it happens it happens. if it doesn't it doesn't.

i'm not worried about it.
i'm not stressing it.
i'm not pushing it.

when the time is right it will work.
till then let's smile.
because life is fun regardless.
so let's make the most of the time we have.
and smile.

this is to the point. straight-forward.
and i will delete it after you've read it.

the world isn't so bad.

you just gotta go with the flow and make the most of it.
i'm not lettin go.
i'm not clinging tight.
i'm holdin on loosely.
and everything will be alright.

i want to still hang out.
and smile and laugh.
cause you love to groove.
don't kill that because of this.
we've still got lots to do in this world.
that includes the concert on the 20th. if it sucks, we'll leave. but we still gotta check it out!

Take it easy.

See you soon.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Time Together

Smiles directed by starlight
reflected in many ways tonight
Tracing of fingers along
listening to one certain song
A breath spent together
thinking about forever
Laughter all night long
nothing about this is wrong
Even though you're not in sight
know that everything will be alright.

There is no one here. Just you and me. Nobody is watching except the streetlights.
How perfect.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

More than you Thought.

Little things. Sunshine in the morning. Fog across the water. Smell of the air in a cool summer breeze. Strands of hair here and there. A squeeze that means more than words. Music that fits your mood. Smiles.

They are all perfect. Each in their own way.

It's little. But I hope it means a lot to you.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Random Thoughts

just some meaningless random pieces i doodled on paper. thought i'd throw them up.

Over my head
It's all washed away
Nothing makes sense
Drifting every day
Waiting for time
To right every wrong
waiting is pointless
wish I was strong
If life was easy
I wouldn't be here
I would be smiling
with nothing to fear
But just like pandora
There is always one thing
Hope will get me through
Happiness it will bring.

Just make sure to pick them up when they shatter. Tape them back together. Fill this empty hole and make me whole again. I'll be renewed, but never the same. Always changed, like stained glass, little of the original remains.

I can't make you hang around,
I can't wash you off my skin.
You won't remember anyway.

Hidden behind Glass

Imagine a box. It's a normal box. Nothing interesting about it. Simply a box.
That's me. That's all you will see. Nothing else. Except maybe my smile.

I'll disarm you with my smile.

This is how we'll live our lives. Nothing special. Just a box. Don't try to open the box. Please. Inside is more than you could ever guess. Emotions enough to fill a room, trying to get out. And don't expect to ever see those emotions. Such a whirlwind will be hidden from the world. Encased in this box. There will be nothing to see. Just a box and a smile.

The box is strong. Damn strong. Just hope what's inside doesn't become stronger. It could overwhelm us all.

Don't try to open the box. That way only one of us sees the pain.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Escaping Together

They warned and scolded us. Watching every move we made. Told us to play nice and behave. We had to listen because they knew better. But we still walked dangerously close to one another. And they gave us a talking to. The first chance we had we began to run. Running as fast as we could. Holding hands. Leaving the lights and noise behind, we ran somewhere only we know. Down deserted paths and tree-lined corridors. Escaping the world with all of its closing doors. Stealing away into the night.


Then it happened. We were alone. Laying there gasping for breath. Eyes upon each other. Only smiles were to be seen. The beating of our hearts was the only sound.
We saw the window and jumped. We dared when no one else did. We alone are happy.
They'll make a statue because of us. We're not the only ones who want to escape. Others will follow in time. It'll be contagious. Just like your smile.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Hey World...

hey world. thanks.
no. i mean it.
thanks for the sunrise,
thanks for all the highs,
thanks for everyday,
thanks for knowing what to say,
thanks for all of her smiles,
and thanks for living all the while.

Knowing what to say when life is hell is hard enough as it is. But the difficulty arises when she's staring at you and you can't sort out your mind. Rambling along leaves her behind and nothing is solved. In the end you just gotta smile and say thanks that you had even that short while.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I can't decide.

Rule number one, Smile as you walk into the room. 3-Set with an HB, open, transition, DHV, Neg, qualify, isolate, close. Follow the routine. It's a game. If you don't win that's fine, find another set. Play again.

Fuck that.

There is no formula, no guaranteed process. It's all emotion. Hearts and Minds battle with such consistency. Every moment war rages upon every plane of thought. A look or squeeze can sway the tide of battle. Should logic or feelings surge ahead today? I can't decide which side should win.

You tell me to live it out, let emotions take hold, to take a chance. And at the same time I respond that I can't get burned. It's not just me, you have the same issue. The same struggle. One night doesn't change the tide of war, but one smile could win over my mind.

You're scared to make the wrong decision. Who knows what the future holds? All I know is what I want, but I can't ask for that. It could catch me on fire. And I promised myself I won't burn.

After all, even Bonnie and Clyde got what they had coming in the end.
But then my heart fights back, because you said yourself, "We'd make a horrible Bonnie and Clyde". Maybe I can ask after all.

Driving in Circles

Tonight the world glowed orange. Old forgotten streetlights cast an orange light upon the tired snow. I drove through the orange haze which bounced off the snow onto just as equally old and tired and forgotten buildings. A deserted city where shadows danced and twirled with the glow of the orange streetlights. No, not deserted. Asleep.

The city lay sleeping as I drove away from your sleeping form. I left you in bed, mind at ease, relaxed. I drove away wide awake, mind racing, soaring on silver'd wings.

In one swift decision my mind has become a scattered puzzle. Pieces which once fit together were thrown against the lost recesses of my brain. Nothing made sense anymore, yet it all seemed perfect. Beauty in chaos.

As I drove I tried to find the pieces, put my puzzle back into some kind of order. But they kept falling, slipping between my fingers. Only one thing was sure, only one thing made sense. I knew that in a perfect world I wouldn't be driving, lost, in the sleeping city. In a perfect world I would have never left.

Smiles shared in the past few hours are always brought back into mind when I wake up to see you sleeping peacefully beside me. Arms wrapped around pillows aren't good enough.

I wanted to turn back.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Secret Whispers

Sweet dreams are made of these. Nights spent sitting whispering quietly. The radio filling comfortable silences. Drumming with the beat, my fingertips softly against your palm. A rush of conversation followed by gaps of silent smiles. Ignoring the world encased in snow. The masses stopped short by frosty panes of glass. Inside our bubble a look and a touch tell more of a story than any newspaper article. Dark except for the reflections of the streetlights and the green glow of numerals slowly counting the time. And it is here, limited by time, unconfined by smiles, that we have truly slipped the surly bonds of Earth. I hope you are not one to disagree.

I could travel the world and back in one conversation with you.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rusted and Fading

I saw you standing there. Alone. But you weren't lonely. Leaning up against a tree. Letting it's shade envelope you in cool shadow. Hands in your pockets, you admired the world. As I walked up to you, hesitant to disrupt your seemingly confident solace, I became nervous. In haste I looked around for something to give you. Pockets revealed lint and pennies, the ground revealed nothing but worms and grass. Until I spotted it. An old pop cap. Rusted, logo fading, it was beautiful. I bent down and picked it up, brushing the dirt and years from it's once shiny surface. I completed the journey to your tree and stood next to you. Without a word I handed you the pop cap. Taking it in your fist without looking, your smile was accompanied with a thank you.

Never taking your eyes from mine, you slid your hand into one of the many pockets on your military style jacket. Without ever gazing upon the gift you put it away for safekeeping.

I was confused. And apparently it showed across my face.
You laughed and in an instant you were gone.


Leaving me confused and alone, lonely, beneath your tree.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Could it all be so Simple?

I can't say things straight forward. Black and White makes so much sense until someone splatters the canvas with shades of gray. How can I pick out the right colours when nothing has any rules? Let me throw a dart and see where it lands. But then again I've never been any good at darts, be prepared to duck.

Watterson had it right. Sledding could be a metaphor for us. But if nothing ever makes perfect sense what does that leave us? Sprawled out across the bottom of the hill wondering what happened.

As long as you look back and see the fun you had during the wild ride, maybe it's all worth it.

It's a Magical World Hobbes Ol' Buddy.

Let's Go Exploring!