Thursday, June 24, 2010

Just another brick in this goddamn wall.

When the night falls from the sky and crashes among us all. The world will wonder why the stars continue to fall. Not shooting across to a distant horizon. Not disappearing into the sun. But straight down into our eyes within. Our lives will come undone. Confusion and mayhem soon erupts. We'll run and scramble, each our own. Disrupt this steady stream of comfort. Blown away by the collapse and fall.

Our mortgage, our car, our materialism will seem very far when it all goes to pieces. We'll view the world differently. So put your faith in what matters most. For the most important things in life aren't things. Love with your whole being. Love with your whole heart. Love will free you and set you apart.

Fighting hard for legal tender your life spins as if in a blender. You forget and work and work and tire. You've put your entire life up for hire. And what for? To sit and stare at pictures in a box, to lose yourself in a world you absorb to forget. To sit and dream of things you don't have yet.

Free yourself! No one else will. Don't package your dreams and set them on a sill.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Unintentional Stereotypes...

My interests have sent me along many paths... and as i've matured i've begun to define myself as a person. It's interesting though to see how these inter clash, and how I may look to other people...
walking around my house the other day, i realized that if somebody came bursting in on me right then and pushed PAUSE on my life movie, i would fit perfectly into the hippie stereotype.

for example:

I was telling my brother that I "really dig your new carpet, im amazed at how soft it is! pretty groovy man"

While wearing a crazy random (albeit modern) coloured shirt.

and faded, ripped, torn jeans which have seen to many summers

along with equally worn and torn chucks

over my shoulder was a 1979 Pentex SLR 35mm camera,

which had a retro strap with great designs on it!

In my back pocket was a battered copy of Jack Kerouac's - On The Road (read it, you'll understand why it fits)

all the while listening to Elton John's Yellow Brick Road Album on vinyl in my room!

other than my new haircut (which cut about 4 inches off) i fit the stereotypical description of a hippie.

It wasn't intentional, I just pieced myself together that day with things I liked, things that defined me.

Amazing what the world shows us isn't it?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Racing Along

I want to follow the cotton candy sunset. Soaking in pink and blue. Knowing this is as good as it gets. Racing the power lines. A mix tape created by you, drinking boxed wine, wearing sharpie tattoos. Knowing life will be fine, going whatever speed we choose. Who cares about all the rest, so long as we chase this cotton candy sunset. And as the light falls and darkness surrounds us, we won't be scared. The brightness of the dashboard reflects the twinkle in our eyes. Our happiness is no disguise. Living the future the way it is supposed to be. Miles zoom underneath as we run into the night. Following this never ending road straight to the horizon. Reminiscent of an old western. Straight and steady, fading from sight. We'll follow the evervescent sunset into the next light.

(The squeel of the brakes, collection of empty bottles, and stains in our clothes just add character. Our eyes are not worn out and you won't believe me when I saw we are ready for the next adventure. But we are. These battered images are trails straight to our lives. Battle hardened and tired of average life. Our hearts are in plain view, it is nothing new. Trust me, you can be happy too. I'll teach you.)

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