Saturday, July 24, 2010

100 Words.

Recently I've gotten really into this website called 100 words.

located here :

You can go to their About section to read all about it. But basically it's a "social tasking" (coined by them, not me) experiment where users write 100 words (no more, no less) a day for an entire month. If you finish the whole month, called a batch, your work is saved. I started this July and have so far made it to Day 24. It is a bit difficult sometimes to say all that you want to say in a strict 100 word format. That's what makes it interesting.

Though my batch hasn't been completed yet, I'll post a few days here for you to read.

It's a plane ride, a train ride, a car trip away. But I can make it in a single day. It's worth the trouble, that I know. To travel from the land of snow, to the land of, um, er, more snow? I hope you smile and I hope you blush. Even though I cannot flirt all that much. The things we'll do, the list grows long. Kind of like some damn country song. We'll learn to swing dance, to sway, and to swirl. It'll be one hell of a trip. I cannot wait to show you, my Denver Girl.

With the whim of the wind I spin around again. No true direction at all. Except towards endless blue I fall. The skies around me are empty as I plunge into this sea. My mind wiped blank as I sank and sank. I couldn't think. I couldn't speak. Every effort to swim was meek and mild. In all my years I felt as if I were a child. And so resigned to my fate, I laid back and gave up on it all. The years and tears and fears. Thrown away. No more struggle and strain. I finally feel sane.

We do not know what the future holds. Obviously. All I know is what I am feeling right now. I can't promise you forever. I can't even promise tomorrow. All I can promise is that this very instant everything will be good. Because right now I feel everything so intensely. And I am going to make of it what I can. Not worry about tomorrow or ten years from today. Looking only at what is happening right now. Because these feelings are true and deep and total. And when it comes down to it, that is all that matters really.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer Noise

It's 8:45 pm and the game is starting. The sky is turning into my beloved cotton candy painting. And I am thinking about you. The cheers from the T.V. reach my ears as I look west. Past the trails of jets and clouds and deep into the sky. I am standing here looking, tapping the wooden rails of the fence on my deck and thinking. Worried actually. As peaceful as the colours and the cheers are they blend together into a white haze of senses. My mind is racing and this stop motion summer night cannot keep up. And I cannot type love letters for the life of me but I desperately want to try. I need to try at least once because the night is so peaceful and so perfect that it should be illegal to be alone.

I can't remember names or phone numbers at all. Yours fell by the wayside long ago.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Nothing is as it appears.

Twisted tangled wires in my head.
Nothing makes sense as we slip into bed.
we lay and we sleep, we dream and we think
we talk and we chatter, then drift into silent matter
The sheets are waves and we'll waste days
playing sailors and pirates and knights.
Trampolines are a one of a kind thing,
but this Twin sized paradise substitutes pretty nice.
Collapse in relief, smiling in disbelief.
Nothing to do but laugh the time away.
The record skips and dips and sways
as we try to dance the night over.
Except clumsiness comes into play
And we slip and fall, bouncing to the floor.
Shut the door, hide under the covers.
We'll dream up new colours
and realize that shades don't exist.
Throwing open the windows
basking in the cool breeze
we're sailing, flying, diving
9-5 is make believe.
and as we finally sink down to sleep,
the sky lightens into day.
And only then is there nothing left to say.

Then my mind is clear
For when you are near,
I have nothing to fear.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Clouded Thoughts

I can't get it out of my head. As this 2 AM fog rolls ahead. Ain't nothin' shining but these fireflies. The definition of concentration is for your eyes. I dive and dive. It's all in your eyes. It might be carelessness, that I admit. But don't dismiss me so quick. It's honest and sincere and true. What else would I offer you? Cutting a path through fields of white. Your voice carrying me through the night. Impossible, intangible, awkward, I know. Slow down my thoughts and we'll get through this alright. Your voice carries me through the night. I'll pretend and relax until it has passed. I know I can't bring time back. Emotions never last. So help me steady, help me slow. Wait till time is ready. Wait. I know.

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