Friday, February 12, 2010

Random Thoughts

just some meaningless random pieces i doodled on paper. thought i'd throw them up.

Over my head
It's all washed away
Nothing makes sense
Drifting every day
Waiting for time
To right every wrong
waiting is pointless
wish I was strong
If life was easy
I wouldn't be here
I would be smiling
with nothing to fear
But just like pandora
There is always one thing
Hope will get me through
Happiness it will bring.

Just make sure to pick them up when they shatter. Tape them back together. Fill this empty hole and make me whole again. I'll be renewed, but never the same. Always changed, like stained glass, little of the original remains.

I can't make you hang around,
I can't wash you off my skin.
You won't remember anyway.

Hidden behind Glass

Imagine a box. It's a normal box. Nothing interesting about it. Simply a box.
That's me. That's all you will see. Nothing else. Except maybe my smile.

I'll disarm you with my smile.

This is how we'll live our lives. Nothing special. Just a box. Don't try to open the box. Please. Inside is more than you could ever guess. Emotions enough to fill a room, trying to get out. And don't expect to ever see those emotions. Such a whirlwind will be hidden from the world. Encased in this box. There will be nothing to see. Just a box and a smile.

The box is strong. Damn strong. Just hope what's inside doesn't become stronger. It could overwhelm us all.

Don't try to open the box. That way only one of us sees the pain.