Sunday, February 7, 2010

Driving in Circles

Tonight the world glowed orange. Old forgotten streetlights cast an orange light upon the tired snow. I drove through the orange haze which bounced off the snow onto just as equally old and tired and forgotten buildings. A deserted city where shadows danced and twirled with the glow of the orange streetlights. No, not deserted. Asleep.

The city lay sleeping as I drove away from your sleeping form. I left you in bed, mind at ease, relaxed. I drove away wide awake, mind racing, soaring on silver'd wings.

In one swift decision my mind has become a scattered puzzle. Pieces which once fit together were thrown against the lost recesses of my brain. Nothing made sense anymore, yet it all seemed perfect. Beauty in chaos.

As I drove I tried to find the pieces, put my puzzle back into some kind of order. But they kept falling, slipping between my fingers. Only one thing was sure, only one thing made sense. I knew that in a perfect world I wouldn't be driving, lost, in the sleeping city. In a perfect world I would have never left.

Smiles shared in the past few hours are always brought back into mind when I wake up to see you sleeping peacefully beside me. Arms wrapped around pillows aren't good enough.

I wanted to turn back.

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