Sunday, February 28, 2010

You feel it when the Dance gets Hot, hot.

I ain't got no time to grow old. I ain't got no time to take it slow. We'll be burnin soon and they'll say it was our fault. But I don't care what they say. Just go with my instincts and live life that way. They're pressuring us to live, to make the most of it. I look at them in their rocking chairs and infinite wisdom and I am appalled.

My life is here and now. I am living it. I have no choice. It's not about these rules and these social norms. It's simply about coming on up and staying on top. My top is different than yours. So what's wrong with a little destruction? How can we enjoy the mountain air with oxygen tanks strapped to our legs? I choose a different path.

We'll be burnin soon and I'll love every second of it. Let me take your hand. Turn your back to the voices, to the lights, to the world. Let me take your hand and lead you into the riot. When all the world is burning and anarchy is abound, we'll smile. We alone will be happy.

We took a shortcut. We know a secret. We can dance in the flames.

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