Thursday, February 25, 2010

WIll You?

When you come for me, run. Come quickly, like never before. Come raging and violent, like shouting in the stairwell. Come with purpose, like banging on my door. Come angry and upset, like the worlds been lost. Come passionate and emotional, like nothing is left. Come desperate and helpless, like it's all over. Come needy and seeking, like I'm your last chance.

I'll hear your running feet. I'll hear your shouts. I'll hear the bangs of your fists. I'll know the worlds been lost. I'll know nothing is left. I'll know it's all over. I'll know I'm your last chance.

When you come for me, run. Come quickly, I'll be waiting. Come raging and violent, I'll calm you down. Come with purpose, I'll answer in kind. Come angry and upset, I'll bring peace. Come passionate and emotional, I'll hold you tight. Come desperate and helpless, I'll keep you safe. Come needy and seeking, I'll protect you. I promise.

I'll do all of this and more. Much more. On one hand I'm scared to show you what I'm capable of. On the other I'm scared you won't come to me at all.

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