Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rusted and Fading

I saw you standing there. Alone. But you weren't lonely. Leaning up against a tree. Letting it's shade envelope you in cool shadow. Hands in your pockets, you admired the world. As I walked up to you, hesitant to disrupt your seemingly confident solace, I became nervous. In haste I looked around for something to give you. Pockets revealed lint and pennies, the ground revealed nothing but worms and grass. Until I spotted it. An old pop cap. Rusted, logo fading, it was beautiful. I bent down and picked it up, brushing the dirt and years from it's once shiny surface. I completed the journey to your tree and stood next to you. Without a word I handed you the pop cap. Taking it in your fist without looking, your smile was accompanied with a thank you.

Never taking your eyes from mine, you slid your hand into one of the many pockets on your military style jacket. Without ever gazing upon the gift you put it away for safekeeping.

I was confused. And apparently it showed across my face.
You laughed and in an instant you were gone.


Leaving me confused and alone, lonely, beneath your tree.


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