Thursday, February 18, 2010

Full of Wonder

Give me the key and ten minutes alone. Let me make your day. It will be the surprise of the century. Just wait and see! One you can't see in the light. Hit the switch and watch life glow. What a spectacular sight! It'll make you smile and think of me, while hugging your pillow tight.

And the next morning I'll catch you again. Thinking your popular trends, shock and wonder at my ideas. Light up the day with your second-fold smile. As I strive for round two. Dancing in the park, upon sheets and sheets of air. Everyone will look and stare! And secretly be jealous.

Wait those thirty seconds for me to appear. No, don't wait. Let your eyes twinkle, smile, laugh, breath, live, love, regenerate. Let no amount of time go wasted. Every second will be cherished.

So when I do show up at random, don't hesitate. Take my hand and dance with me. It'll be great!

Never let a moment slip. Your life is an occasion. Rise up to it.

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