Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Pursuit of Happiness

In this world that throws curve balls at us everyday, we strive like ants in a hive to achieve something. Very few of us know what we want and when we are asked about it, I doubt any of us could answer truthfully beyond the generic " I want to be happy". Well, in my opinion. We all have the ability to be happy right within our grasp. Too many of us live day to day in a constant struggle with our emotions and don't do a damn thing about it. I think that it is our duty, an obligation you might say, to ourselves that we take every effort possible to create happiness for ourselves. Those that strive to be happy will gain it somehow or another. Those of us who are lazy and pathetic, living day to day in or sorrow and pain, without the courage to lift even one finger for ourselves, well that is just pitiful.

I found this image while browsing the web that I thought summed it up perfectly.

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So think about it. Are you happy? If the answer is yes keep doing whatever it is that works for you. If it is no, then what the hell are you doing? Stop that miserable shit you call a life, get off your ass, and change your world. You will be forever thankful to yourself.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I often wonder how I would survive x amount of time in prison. How could I withstand the pain and torture that comes with the loss of freedom? In my bedroom I keep my window shades shut, merely because I enjoy the privacy. Yet I can still view the world through the slitted cracks, which divulge their secrets in such straight rows. So I am not totally shut out. And at any given time I can open them, or even walk outside (which I do quite often don't let me fool you) to view the world in all its aspects. So without this freedom, this ability in which one can move through the world, how do we react? How would I react? I doubt i'll really know the answer until the time comes "knock on wood". Until then... It's something to think about.