Sunday, June 6, 2010

Racing Along

I want to follow the cotton candy sunset. Soaking in pink and blue. Knowing this is as good as it gets. Racing the power lines. A mix tape created by you, drinking boxed wine, wearing sharpie tattoos. Knowing life will be fine, going whatever speed we choose. Who cares about all the rest, so long as we chase this cotton candy sunset. And as the light falls and darkness surrounds us, we won't be scared. The brightness of the dashboard reflects the twinkle in our eyes. Our happiness is no disguise. Living the future the way it is supposed to be. Miles zoom underneath as we run into the night. Following this never ending road straight to the horizon. Reminiscent of an old western. Straight and steady, fading from sight. We'll follow the evervescent sunset into the next light.

(The squeel of the brakes, collection of empty bottles, and stains in our clothes just add character. Our eyes are not worn out and you won't believe me when I saw we are ready for the next adventure. But we are. These battered images are trails straight to our lives. Battle hardened and tired of average life. Our hearts are in plain view, it is nothing new. Trust me, you can be happy too. I'll teach you.)

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