Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Covert Images

I wish I could borrow your camera if only for a while. I'd steal it for a day or two snapping photos here and there. For every set of eyes sees the world with a different view and I'd show you mine with style.

You'd find your camera right where you left it, maybe sitting in a chair. Under a pile of blankets it'd be sitting idly waiting for you to take a look at what's inside.

And then you would find it. Browsing through the pictures of your friends or your cat you'd come across one that I took. You wouldn't be able to remember when or why you took the picture. Flipping through the next ten or so you'd realize that someone else had done the deed. Intrigued I imagine you'd hurriedly look at each new picture, pausing for a moment to give a sweet smile at kids playing in the park or a balloon as it spirals skyward.

Every 20 pictures or so I'd give you a hint, a picture of my shirt or glasses. Piece by piece you would put my puzzle together. Forming an image of me in your mind. Slowly you would realize who the covert photographer was.

And I hope it would make you smile.

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Infinity in a Second

An instant can last forever and an eternity can flash by in an instant. How can we measure that which leaps back and forth between the two? I dreamt that I wrote a message for you in the sand, but the waves washed it away and you never saw. How can we expect to live in such uncertain times? When cruel waves erase that which I want to last forever? When the next snowfall or sunrise destroys my heart drawn in the snow.

How can you measure the distance between us? You are indeed closer to me than any person I've walked past in a crowded mall, or stood nose to nose with on a jerking, swinging bus ride. You are in my mind and heart, which places you forever in my arms.

I hope the moment you are in my arms will last forever, because each instant I spend away from you seems like forever.

I want real-life slow motion, to watch the twinkle in your smile, the look in your eyes. To watch your beauty in such detail that I can count the snow flakes as they fall to rest on your shoulders.

I want every moment that we are together to last for infinity, to make up for all the lifetimes I've lived without you.

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I want to meet you without planning it. Just run into you randomly as we pass through each others lives. Pass you on the street as you drop your mittens, smile as I return them to you. For that fleeting instant we would be in the others life, that one moment the constant worry of the world would lift off of our shoulders. One smile, given and hopefully returned, would bring instantaneous peace to our hearts. And who knows? Maybe I'd get curious and follow you to the bus stop sitting a few seats behind you. I'd realize my obsession with that small smile I had seen only moments before was borderline creepy and proceed to get off at the next stop. Accidentally getting off at the wrong stop you'd follow me off the bus and smile when you saw me walking away. Chasing after me you'd make small talk and from there we'd get a drink. We'd walk downtown and laugh as I failed to catch a taxi, having never tried before, and live the rest of the day in each others eyes. Run into the candy store and live like we were 6 years old. Find the tallest building in the city and ride the elevators till we hit the top. Attempt to sneak out onto the roof, and unable to open the rooftop access we'd laugh at every floor on the way down, but smile secretly when we had company for a floor or two. We'd find a lost life and teach them to sing, but argue over what song was most appropriate. Colour crayon pictures in the library, screaming and yelling up and down the rows of books. We'd steal food from a vice presidents dinner and give it to someone laying in the street. Lose interest in the world and get lost together for awhile, then come smiling back into reality when a sudden rain shower caught us outside. Each cold wet drop would dampen our bodies but not our spirits, we'd be shivering and completely soaked without an umbrella but then we'd kiss to keep our lips warm. We'd lay and watch the sunset over the mountains. Watching the colours spread across the sky. And as you lay in my arms I'd finally ask you your name, which I had not known all day long. As you whisper it in my ear we'd both smile and snuggle closer to each other.

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Idealism Vs. Realism

If you enjoy reading old classics that force you to scrutinize human interactions and you haven't read "The Sea Wolf" by Jack London, get to it. While it's a little tougher book than what is written nowadays, London sets up a thrilling tale that I am sure could engage any reader. This book is filled with action and adventure, drama and even romance! But for those who look for deeper meanings within works of literature, one that becomes slowly apparent throughout the novel is the battle between Idealism and Realism, and where to draw the line. The two main characters, one Idealistic in nature, one Realistic, constantly clash in The Sea Wolf.

So go pick it up, give it a try. It's worth the time!

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Back to Idealism Vs. Realism though, among the multiple facets of the human personality, I believe that EVERYONE can be either a Realist or an Idealist. Idealism meaning (a definition I like from dictionary.com) "the tendency to represent things in an ideal form, or as they might or should be rather than as they are, with emphasis on values." And Realism being "familiar, or mundane aspects of life are represented in a straightforward or matter-of-fact manner that is presumed to reflect life as it actually is."

Most people I would assume are a blend of both, but lean towards one or the other. From my previous posts it is obvious that I lean heavily towards Idealistic, but I know when I need to realist in order to not float away and get work done!

Basically, there is no right or wrong to be one or the other, but I want you to realize, to think about it and decide when the time is right to be which one. If you are dreaming when you should be down to earth and working, then you obviously need to switch. And visa verse, if you are looking at the quick, common side when in a deep conversation, you could easily infuriate the other person.

So think, realize there is a difference, look at which way you lean and when you do lean that way and decide if it is right in that situation.

It's just another way to look at the world and human interaction in general.