Sunday, February 21, 2010

Full Throttle.

Headlights reflected on the snow, the moon being the only other thing aglow. We race through the night chasing speeding taillights. Trees line our path creating a tunnel of speed. Vibrations in our bodies, smiles on our lips, there's no need to stop. So we race and careen down these limited paths, the rest of the world unseen. Faster and Faster and Faster we go, no need to take it slow. Arms wrapped tight. The world feels right.

Two squeezes is the sign, and we slow... slow... slow... no need to overdo it. We've got to make it last. A third and we stop. Silent. Alone. Together. The world encompassing us in silence. Oppressive silence covering our ears after the noise and motion of before. We sit in awe and wonder at the world. Smiling. Happy.

Then with a jerk and a nod we're off again. Fast, no holding back. Holding on tight. Careening out of sight. Living life together. Chasing speeding taillights covered in snow.

And it was perfect.

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