Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Covert Images

I wish I could borrow your camera if only for a while. I'd steal it for a day or two snapping photos here and there. For every set of eyes sees the world with a different view and I'd show you mine with style.

You'd find your camera right where you left it, maybe sitting in a chair. Under a pile of blankets it'd be sitting idly waiting for you to take a look at what's inside.

And then you would find it. Browsing through the pictures of your friends or your cat you'd come across one that I took. You wouldn't be able to remember when or why you took the picture. Flipping through the next ten or so you'd realize that someone else had done the deed. Intrigued I imagine you'd hurriedly look at each new picture, pausing for a moment to give a sweet smile at kids playing in the park or a balloon as it spirals skyward.

Every 20 pictures or so I'd give you a hint, a picture of my shirt or glasses. Piece by piece you would put my puzzle together. Forming an image of me in your mind. Slowly you would realize who the covert photographer was.

And I hope it would make you smile.

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