Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Infinity in a Second

An instant can last forever and an eternity can flash by in an instant. How can we measure that which leaps back and forth between the two? I dreamt that I wrote a message for you in the sand, but the waves washed it away and you never saw. How can we expect to live in such uncertain times? When cruel waves erase that which I want to last forever? When the next snowfall or sunrise destroys my heart drawn in the snow.

How can you measure the distance between us? You are indeed closer to me than any person I've walked past in a crowded mall, or stood nose to nose with on a jerking, swinging bus ride. You are in my mind and heart, which places you forever in my arms.

I hope the moment you are in my arms will last forever, because each instant I spend away from you seems like forever.

I want real-life slow motion, to watch the twinkle in your smile, the look in your eyes. To watch your beauty in such detail that I can count the snow flakes as they fall to rest on your shoulders.

I want every moment that we are together to last for infinity, to make up for all the lifetimes I've lived without you.

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