Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Idealism Vs. Realism

If you enjoy reading old classics that force you to scrutinize human interactions and you haven't read "The Sea Wolf" by Jack London, get to it. While it's a little tougher book than what is written nowadays, London sets up a thrilling tale that I am sure could engage any reader. This book is filled with action and adventure, drama and even romance! But for those who look for deeper meanings within works of literature, one that becomes slowly apparent throughout the novel is the battle between Idealism and Realism, and where to draw the line. The two main characters, one Idealistic in nature, one Realistic, constantly clash in The Sea Wolf.

So go pick it up, give it a try. It's worth the time!

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Back to Idealism Vs. Realism though, among the multiple facets of the human personality, I believe that EVERYONE can be either a Realist or an Idealist. Idealism meaning (a definition I like from dictionary.com) "the tendency to represent things in an ideal form, or as they might or should be rather than as they are, with emphasis on values." And Realism being "familiar, or mundane aspects of life are represented in a straightforward or matter-of-fact manner that is presumed to reflect life as it actually is."

Most people I would assume are a blend of both, but lean towards one or the other. From my previous posts it is obvious that I lean heavily towards Idealistic, but I know when I need to realist in order to not float away and get work done!

Basically, there is no right or wrong to be one or the other, but I want you to realize, to think about it and decide when the time is right to be which one. If you are dreaming when you should be down to earth and working, then you obviously need to switch. And visa verse, if you are looking at the quick, common side when in a deep conversation, you could easily infuriate the other person.

So think, realize there is a difference, look at which way you lean and when you do lean that way and decide if it is right in that situation.

It's just another way to look at the world and human interaction in general.

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