Saturday, January 2, 2010

NYE Resolutions

2010 has come at last. Or has it come too fast? Time to forget all that's in the past.

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Enough with the silly rhymes! New Years has come and gone, and along with it are all the troubles of the past year. It is a time to start anew, a time for "rebirth". On my way home from a party today a church sign valiantly declared the passing of the decade was a chance to "Be Born Again". Everyone is discussing New Year's Resolutions, getting a fresh start. I think that's great. Everyone should be trying to lead a better, healthier, kinder lifestyle. But what I want to know, is WHY does it take the changing of the year to force everyone to do it????

People should realize that just because the date changes from 09-10, that it does not automatically start them over. Nor does it mean that this is the ONLY time in which one can accept a change in their life. What people need to realize is that by the time you see a need for change, it is already too late. Waiting any longer for New Years only prolongs it. The only person who can bring about this positive change is yourself. And this can happen at ANY TIME! one special page flip in the calender should not be the kick start into your positive change. It should be you and your inner self that want this change.

So if you realize, in a month, in 5 months, that your so called "resolutions" weren't really what you needed. And that something else needed to be changed. DO NOT put the next change off until the next New Year! Bring about this change now, you have the power.

What are you waiting for. Nothing is stopping you.

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