Friday, January 8, 2010

Beautiful Binoculars

If I had you for a day, I would steal you away. From your friends, your family, your home. I'd take you to the nearest tourist trap, perhaps an overlook with some random view of the city. Of course there along the railing (meant to keep us from falling to our deaths) would be one of those pay 50 cents get 1 minute of super power binoculars. The kind you have to step up to and put your entire face into! I'd insist you give it try and only after I had already inserted the coins would you agree. Stepping up on the platform you would line your eyes up with the viewfinder. And then looking out into the world, you would not see the city skyline far out in front of us. Instead somehow, someway, you would see yourself, through my eyes.

Gone would be your doubts and self-depreciation. Gone would be every little thing you would like to change about yourself. Instead you'd notice the little things, the important things. You'd realize that when you smile, your entire face lights up. That tilting your head makes your hair fall just perfectly across your face. That your excitement radiates from your eyes as they sparkle in the sun.

Your worries and doubts would fade with each passing second, gazing at your own beautiful reflection. Until you finally saw yourself as I do. Perfection, simply perfect for me. Time would tick by as the meter clicked away, the 50 cents running low. Until finally the shutters would shut with a click! Leaving you staring into darkness.

Turning around you'd see me standing there and you'd finally realize what I've been telling you all along is true.

That you are beautiful.

You mean the world to me. I hope that soon you'll be my sun, moon, and stars too.

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