Friday, January 8, 2010

Random Poetry

Here is some random poetry I pulled from my collection. Not the best, but something to smile about I hope.


Better not to see what we could ever be,
because it could all fall into the sea
with the first lack of harmony.
than to have glanced upon
such a perfect life and then lose it all,
leading to endless strife.
so I'll travel this mediocre path
and know at least my emotions will last.
not worrying about the future or the past!
given a choice that's what I would do.
It was my plan at least... until I met you.

The next one was inspired by Fireflies by Owl City. The first two lines of it were borrowed from the song.

I'd like to make myself believe,
that planet earth turns slowly.
but this world spins upon any whim
and never asks before it goes
spinning around again.
so while we cannot control the stars
at least we have right now to dream,
and gaze out from our eyes so far
that it seems the world slows down for us.
and as we lay in our fantasies combined
I know that there will be a time
in which dreams come true
and the earth slows down for two.


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