Thursday, January 7, 2010

Alone in the Snow

The snow falls softly into the impressions where your feet once were.
Erasing your foot prints, your history, your life.
Have you ever stopped and turned around,
looked back at your slowly disappearing trail?
The past is washed away flake by flake.
And if you hesitate for too long, you too
will become a victim of the snow, a victim of time.
So please, turn around and ponder that which is behind you.
But do not cease your present forward motion.
Or else you will become buried by the enormous weight of a thousand weightless snowflakes and become lost forever. Buried by the enormous weight of each simple task you put off until the next day.

Keep moving. Surge ahead. But do not move too quick, or you will be overwhelmed with fatigue and weariness, only to fall behind in the end. If you move to quickly you will sweat and it will freeze, encasing you into a still block of ice. To slowly and the snow will overwhelm you, erasing you from the eyes of the world.

But then again, maybe you want to be lost. Lost for the sole reason to escape the mayhem of the world. Just remember, without another who shares your view, serenity can become quite lonely.

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