Sunday, July 11, 2010

Nothing is as it appears.

Twisted tangled wires in my head.
Nothing makes sense as we slip into bed.
we lay and we sleep, we dream and we think
we talk and we chatter, then drift into silent matter
The sheets are waves and we'll waste days
playing sailors and pirates and knights.
Trampolines are a one of a kind thing,
but this Twin sized paradise substitutes pretty nice.
Collapse in relief, smiling in disbelief.
Nothing to do but laugh the time away.
The record skips and dips and sways
as we try to dance the night over.
Except clumsiness comes into play
And we slip and fall, bouncing to the floor.
Shut the door, hide under the covers.
We'll dream up new colours
and realize that shades don't exist.
Throwing open the windows
basking in the cool breeze
we're sailing, flying, diving
9-5 is make believe.
and as we finally sink down to sleep,
the sky lightens into day.
And only then is there nothing left to say.

Then my mind is clear
For when you are near,
I have nothing to fear.

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