Thursday, June 24, 2010

Just another brick in this goddamn wall.

When the night falls from the sky and crashes among us all. The world will wonder why the stars continue to fall. Not shooting across to a distant horizon. Not disappearing into the sun. But straight down into our eyes within. Our lives will come undone. Confusion and mayhem soon erupts. We'll run and scramble, each our own. Disrupt this steady stream of comfort. Blown away by the collapse and fall.

Our mortgage, our car, our materialism will seem very far when it all goes to pieces. We'll view the world differently. So put your faith in what matters most. For the most important things in life aren't things. Love with your whole being. Love with your whole heart. Love will free you and set you apart.

Fighting hard for legal tender your life spins as if in a blender. You forget and work and work and tire. You've put your entire life up for hire. And what for? To sit and stare at pictures in a box, to lose yourself in a world you absorb to forget. To sit and dream of things you don't have yet.

Free yourself! No one else will. Don't package your dreams and set them on a sill.

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