Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wash Away My Mask

What do you want me to be. I'll wear a mask. It'll be easy. I can be Clint, I can be me. Call me Mac, it'll be easy. Let me cater to your desire, whatever you want. It's not bizarre. I just want you to know I could be anything you like.

I can be blue, I can be green. All it takes is one request, it'll happen quick. A change for you. I won't even have to think. Watch what you say or I'll change this very moment. I could smile. I could cry. I could lead you or let you fly. It's not that I don't shine through, I just want to please you.

How can I help what you think? I gotta be everything more. Turn into perfection. I know the score. So call me blue and colour me green. What's underneath doesn't need to be seen. Use me for your bliss. I know you can't resist.

But the next day after all the fun and games. It all becomes clearer as I look in the mirror. All it takes is one scrub and the illusion drains away. The sink stained with the colours of yesterday. With clear decision I'll walk back to you, so you can see what you are buying.

"Fuck everything else. Call me Ryan."

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