Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's a Dangerous Game.

Mark an X on my hand without asking. I'll draw a circle on yours in return.
Attempted tic-tac-toe will follow. But the winner is of no concern. Hold my wrist and keep me away. I'll follow you into the riot. In this wilderness there is anarchy abound. Let me kiss you amongst all the noise. Just like New Years Eve, the world will renew. Scars recede as we climb the stairs. Leaving the fires of the world burning below. The higher we climb the more we smile. Until finally on the rooftop we see the lit up world. At such great heights, with such destructive beauty. We alone are happy.

I promise you in this game I won't get burned. The only path is up, climb with me. I've played before.

My only wish is that the fire didn't hide the stars.

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