Friday, March 5, 2010

Receding Footsteps.

I'll watch the sky change colours. Fading evenly across the sky, receding into the night. Darkness advancing, creeping with shadows against my feet. Sitting right where you left me, watching the world silently. Stars twinkle in the last of the sunlight. Shrouded in silence I let my thoughts surround me with the coming of the night. A smile on my lips, remembering you sitting with me. Fingertips aligned, secret whispers filling the silence of the coming night. Sitting right where you left me, I watched you walk away silently. Not moving until you were long out of sight and longer still.

I never hang up first, I'm never the one to let go. I just watch you walk away and hope you'll think of me, as I think of you tonight.

But then you'd turn back and smile, for one last wave goodbye. Stormy eyes seem to shine, the sky radiates vibrant tones, and I know peace is mine tonight. The world seems brand new, hearts beat quicker still. It's never as simple as we once knew, drenched in thoughts we're swimming tonight. But your smile and wave let me know everything will be alright.

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