Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Sky

I'm not quite sure why I am drawn to the sky and it's myriad of colours. Everyday it is new, different, and I never tire of gazing at it. Each day brings a surprise, when I look above my head in wonder at the amazing painting that is constantly changing above my head. All I have to do is raise my eyes and see something truly majestic. So why am I so enthralled with this image? Is it the longing for something better, a hope for a life beyond? Or am I simply entertaining myself as a child would... with colourful trinkets. All I know is that I feel a sense of serenity when I look up. And nothing troubles me. "Oh I have slipped the surly bonds of earth" - John Magee. He described his sense of wonderment at taking flight. Is this what I feel when I look up, yet instead of physically, have I slipped the worries, the troubles, and problems of the ground mentally? If so I shall not be concerned. Just the cause of my fascination of our heavens eludes me.

Until I have an answer, I shall gaze and dream... and wonder.

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